EMS Deployments Save Lives

Over the past several years Emergency Medical Service Agencies have become increasingly reliant on interagency deployments to meet the demands of our communities when the systems reach critical breaking points. Deployments are an all-out call for action directed by agencies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and State or Local County EMS agencies. Reasons …

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Healthier Happier

Food! Who doesn’t love it? In honor of World Food Day on October 16th we decided to write this month’s blog all about it. One of the very first health lessons that we learn in school is of the five basic food groups: Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy, Meats, and…….? Whole grains! We are taught this lesson …

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Stop The Bleed

Most people are aware of or have taken a CPR course at one point or another in their life. But a lesser-known program called “Stop the Bleed” is gathering steam and is also considered a bona fide life saver. The National Stop the Bleed program was created in 2015 by the White House in response …

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National Safety Month

June of every year marks the beginning of National Safety Month. Created in 1996 by the National Safety Council, a non-profit organization, its aim is to increase workplace safety awareness, identify health hazards, and reduce the overall amount of workplace injuries and fatalities.   Working in EMS it is extremely important that we pay strict attention to not …

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Women’s History Month

In the United States since 1987, March has been officially observed as Women’s History month. It is a time for us to celebrate the achievements and contributions of important women who have helped shape our lives, our communities, and our county. At Covalent Health we wanted to take this opportunity to publicly recognize and celebrate …

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