Covalent Health – Rebranding for the better

We are pleased to announce that Covalent Health and its companies ProTransport-1,Century Ambulance Service, PRN Ambulance, and ATS Medical Services, have undergone a much-needed branding refresh in the spirit of the new direction CEO Brock Hardaway is taking the company.

We are introducing new logos, website, and media. We believe the new look better matches our mission: Connecting Patients and Providers with Purpose.

“Our people are priority,” Covalent Health CEO Brock Hardaway says. “We ensure that our employees are safe, well-trained, and empowered to deliver the very best care possible. Patient care is the reason we do what we do. We view our patients as if they were a part of our family. Behind our transports are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters, and brothers.”

The new look we and our ambulance brands are sporting also relays the connectedness of our companies. Underneath the Covalent Health umbrella, we can leverage our experience to compete in multiple sectors – emphasizing our unique knowledge and skills while allowing us to continue to provide the well-known individual care for our client’s specific needs.

This updated brand identity marks an important moment in the growth of our company. Our ongoing evolution and expansion is not only made possible with the support of our wonderful employees, patients and clients, but will allow us to better service their needs. We look forward to a positive and productive future!

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