LAFD/PRN Ambulance Integration Career Path EMT Scholarship Program

At Covalent Health we understand that it is our privilege to serve the communities in which we operate. We genuinely care about the wellbeing of all people and seek to find new ways to forge relationships in order to build a better future for our communities. It is through this belief that we have committed resources to numerous EMS Scholarships nationwide to encourage the next generation of students to find their career path as healthcare professionals.

Now more than ever before we feel that the need to support individuals with a desire to work in EMS is critical. The global pandemic associated with COVID-19 and its variants has created the perfect storm of healthcare personnel shortage. The demand for nurses, paramedics and emergency medical technicians has surged at a time when many EMS schools have been unable to operate due to restrictions and students could not perform their clinical requirements working with patients.

Fortunately, we are now seeing a slight resurgence of schools opening back up and our PRN Ambulance division is proud to announce our new partnership with the Los Angeles City Fire Department that will provide full EMT scholarships to high school students in the LAFD EMS Magnet and LAFD Cadets programs. This new initiative is called the LAFD/PRN Integration Career Path EMT Scholarship Program.

The LAFD EMS Magnet program provides students an opportunity to learn about different careers within the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Students can learn basic skills from CPR to Fire Life Safety Awareness and get guidance on what it takes to work as a firefighter in Los Angeles.  

The LAFD Cadets program is similar but encompasses a larger geographical area and is considered to be the most progressive pathway to beginning a career as a Los Angeles City Firefighter. Students that show dedication and genuine interest in pursuing a career as a first responder are interviewed by PRN’s training department and are awarded scholarships based on their level of interest. PRN also offers ambulance ride along experiences to EMS schools so that the students can perform clinical hours with patients. In addition, members of the training department make themselves available for students having difficulty and provides them with tutoring to promote EMT course graduation.

We are truly honored to begin this new partnership with Los Angeles City Fire Department. It is an extension of the great work that they are already doing in the Los Angeles community. Through partnerships like this and others we will make a real difference and establish career paths for future generations of frontline workers. 

For more information on the Los Angeles Fire Departments youth programs, you can visit

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