PRN Ambulance Wage Increase

Los Angeles CA, August 15, 2022

PRN Ambulance and the TEMSA Union have reached an agreement on a wage increase that will go into effect no later than September 9th, 2022. These new wages apply to both Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics at PRN Ambulance.

“This is a real game changer,” said Chief Executive Officer Brock Hardaway. “We have always operated with the idea that our people come first, and nothing demonstrates that idea more profoundly than this new wage increase. Thanks to the tremendous work of our CFO Justin Meiser and his team, we were able to put together a package that will benefit our people directly and have a positive impact for their families.”

The EMS industry has been on the frontlines during the global pandemic and the past few years have made it noticeably clear that the service provided by private EMS agencies is invaluable to our society. Unfortunately, the stresses of being on the frontlines coupled with stagnant transport reimbursement rates have hit private companies particularly hard which is why this is such a positive development.

In a statement from Sr. Vice President Operations, Rick Fields, he noted “We know that this will have a tremendous impact on our people and that is exactly what we set out to accomplish. But we also anticipate that it will positively impact our customers. Through offering higher wages and attracting more people to choose a career in EMS, hospitals will see increasingly faster response times for their patients which in turn will open up more beds. This creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

With all of the positive changes happening at PRN Ambulance right now it is easy to see why everyone is so excited. Our first responders mean a great deal in terms of safety and comfort in our communities, and it is refreshing to see them treated as such.

Based out of North Hills, California, PRN Ambulance is an Interfacility transport provider of Advanced Life Support (ALS), Basic Life Support (BLS), and Specialty Care or SCT transports. Servicing the greater Los Angeles County and surrounding areas, PRN has been a leader in patient care for over 20 years and plays an active role in giving back to the community by working with programs like the Salvation Army and by offering EMT Scholarships in partnership with the Los Angeles City Fire Department. For more information, please visit

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