Saving Her Life

PRN ambulance partners James Brown and Marius Cotton were preparing to transport a Beverly Hospital patient when she began having chest pains. To assess these pains, Marius performed a 12 Lead ECG and the results proved that she was actively experiencing a heart attack.

James and Marius quickly took control of the situation and loaded the patient into the ambulance. After informing the hospital of the situation and informing them that she needed a higher level of care, the patient was transported with code 3 lights and sirens to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment. After her prompt delivery, she received the medical attention necessary and made a full recovery.

James and Marius attribute their success to the intense training they received from working at PRN Ambulance in Southern California. “The training PRN gave James and I allowed us to be confident and motivated in our daily work knowing that we are able to save someone’s life.”

You can learn more and hear James and Marius describe the situation in their own words by watching the video below:

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