Summertime Health Tips

Everyone wants to look and feel their best in the Summertime but the change in weather can bring a host of challenges that will affect your performance if you are not treating your body like the well-oiled machine that we all desire. Whether you are on the beach, by the pool, or at the lake this summer, here are some quick summertime tips to keep you on the move!

Stay Hydrated- A significant percentage of the patient complaints we see in EMS during the summertime stem from dehydration. Dehydration can cause issues with blood pressure, heart rate, constipation, weakness, and confusion. It is recommended that women drink at least 92 fluid ounces daily and men drink 124 fluid ounces daily. A good tip is to always carry a water bottle with you for easy access. You can also opt to choose water over drinks with caffeine which actually increase dehydration. Adding a lemon or orange wedge to your water gives it a little zing and might also have antioxidant properties as well.

Minimize UV Exposure- Lounging by the pool or beach and catching some sun rays is a leisure activity for many people in the summer but it comes with a cost. While your melanocytes are absorbing that UV light to protect your skin from burning which produces the tan look that we all love, you are opening the door to premature skin aging, eye damage, and the potential for skin cancer. The best way to tan according to the Cancer Center is to use self- tanning sprays. Avoid tanning beds which emit UVA and UVB rays at rates of 10-15 times greater than the sun. If you’re going outdoors for any period of time, apply a minimum of 15 SPF sunscreen.

Grill Safely- Nothing says it’s summertime like a good old barbeque with friends and family. This American tradition has become a staple in our hearts and in our backyards. It may seem silly, but the first tip is to only use your grill outside. First responders and firefighters are called out to an average of 3807 home fires per year due to people using the grill indoors! Clean your grill before cooking and if you use a wire brush grill scrapper to clean your grate, make sure that the wires aren’t flaking off and onto your grate. Those tiny wires can stick to your food and then damage your throat and esophagus when ingested. Lastly, using a meat thermometer to ensure your food is cooked properly will not only save you from food poisoning but also guarantees your meal is pitmaster worthy.

These are just a few tips that will allow you to stay healthy and happy for many more summers to come. So, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Start making memories that last a lifetime the smart way!

For more information on Summertime Safety Tips visit this page from our friends at the American Red Cross.

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