The Ride-along Experience – An inside look

A ride-along is an excellent opportunity for you to get an inside look at our company as a prospective crew member. When you sign up to ride along with a Covalent Health company – be it ProTransport-1, PRN, Century, or ATS ambulance – you will be placed with one of our crews as they go about their workday transporting and caring for our patients. Ride-alongs offer a rich experience, both for aspiring students eager to see what they’ve been learning applied in the real world, and for licensed professionals who want to get a feel for our company culture.

Imagine a day filled with responding to calls with your host crew, giving you a sudden leap into the occasionally hectic and uniquely rewarding life of an EMS professional. This opportunity can provide you with an experience like no other and allow your eyes to be opened further to EMS life. We can promise you that your day will be insightful and exclusive!

Each day is different for our crew members, and call volume can vary. Waiting for a call presents an excellent opportunity to chat with your host crew! We encourage you to get to know them and ask as many questions as necessary to learn about life at your local Covalent Health company. 

You will also get the chance to network with other EMS professionals. Securing a job in the EMS field opens the door to a plethora of other employment opportunities that you may not have known existed, such as a Transport Coordinator that acts as a liaison between the hospital and ambulance company. 

We are constantly seeking well-trained, courteous professionals to help our company pursue our mission of improving the lives of our patients by providing timely services with empathy and care.  It is important to find those who are the right fit, and we appreciate having the chance to teach and support you as you chart your own path in EMS.

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